Hanging 10 with Google Wave

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By now most people have heard some of the hoopla about Google’s latest brainchild Wave, the most hyped product on the Internet since Gmail. With a limited number of invites available, we’ve actually been lucky enough to spend sometime collaborating on the new tool. From first pass, it’s a lonely place as only a few hundred thousand people have been invited to join. The main reason is scalability, Google needs to figure out how to handle the massive growth of information that it has to host in each wave. The main premise behind Wave is ‘what would e-mail look like if it was invented today.

Two genius brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen, who some might be familiar with from their creation of, Google Maps, are back at it as the main architects behind Google Wave. With a new style web on the horizon with the move towards HTML 5 standard, they charted out to develop a product to change the way we communicate on the web. Everyone uses email and instant messaging on the web now, but imagine if you could tie those two forms of communication together and add a load of functionality on top of it. One or more people can contribute to a particular thread, editing the ‘wave’ and even watching each other type in real time. It will be tough to get a feel for the true power of wave until the community begins to grow (I currently have 6 friends).

Another interesting trend to keep an eye on is how they allow developers to shape the product. There is already talk about a Google wave app store and the types of applications/plug-ins we can expect. For a full overview of the product, check out this brief: