Heat Mapping for Landing Page Optimization

@Tim | Conversion Optimization, Search

By using landing page best practices, you will have a nice head start in creating an effective landing page, however landing page optimization is an ongoing process of continuous tweaking and testing.  Heatmapping tools help streamline this process, by taking the guess work out of what people are likely doing on your landing pages.  Combining metrics from heatmapping, traditional analytics, and your CRM will give you a true 360 degree view of a conversion, from click to customer.

There are two main types of heatmapping solutions, 1.) eyetracking heatmaps 2.) Onpage Heatmaps.  Eyetracking Heatmaps take a sample size of real people and track their eye movement while on your website.  While it may be accurate, I think its a little overkill for most websites, especially due to the high cost.  Onpage heatmaps for the most part, track clicks and /or mouse movement on a particular page… ie how many people click on the home button, and how did the mouse move across the page.  There are dozens decent of click tracking providers (many have plans for less than $30 mo) for smaller sites and the setup is typically straightforward.

Generally speaking, I’ve noticed common themes from analyzing customer landing pages:

  • Users like clicking the logos of landing pages to get to the main site
  • Users scan over the first 2-3 bullets (so make them good)
  • Never put your sign up form below the fold
  • Users typically like to scan over pics of real people vs graphics