Hodge Podge of Tools

@Kevin | Social

With everyone sharing links on Twitter, Blogs, Delicious, etc. there is kind of a bit of information overload. At times I find myself a little overwhelmed and disorganized with everything. This weekend I went through my bookmarks to get a little better focus on some of the things that I have come across in my travels. I wanted to share some tools that I use, like, or just things that I find interesting. I figured I would start out with 5 so it wouldn’t be one giant information overload.

GetListed.org– This is a tool that aids you in submitting local businesses to a few of the major local search directories. From an organizational standpoint I find it helpful because it seems like I always forget a site or a step when doing this. A simple little site that is a good idea.

Society for New Communications Research Best Practices– I think these are pretty helpful to people that are starting out.

Quarkbase– Everything you wanted to know about a website…. Well not everything but enough.

Diggstatistics– If you are using Digg this is a great way to check how the people on your network are responding to your content.

Check User Names- I really liked the tool UserNameCheck that recently was taken down, this is a good replacement. I love using this for clients who want to keep the same user name on multiple networks for branding purposes.

Are there any tools that you enjoy using in regards to social media or just the web in general?