How do I build a large audience on MySpace? Part IV

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Part 1- Basic MySpace content creation concepts
Part 2- Basic MySpace page and blog design
Part 3- Basic use of MySpace Groups

Now that you have been scoping out people that blog about your subject you need to start acquiring some of their readership. Sure you can continue to comment their blogs and build slowly that way or go directly after people that read their blogs.

For this step we cross into a moral area that some bloggers on MySpace feel is over the line, sending blind blog invites. When you go to another persons blog screen, under their avatar is a “invite to my blog” button. This sends the writer of that blog an invite to check out your blog. You have to decide if this is something you want to do, on some level it is spam, on another it is pure self promotion. If you don’t want to self promote but want your blog read by a lot of people you need to have a reality check. No matter how good of content you have, without some level of promotion nobody is going to find it.

Sending blog invites has the highest return rate, however this method also requires the most work. The benefit is that it gives you a targeted approach, which is the quickest way to gain results. Some people will do this by just targeting the comments on a popular blog, this is inefficient because a lot of people are doing the same thing, and there are huge amounts of readers that don’t comment. Usually the comments to subscriber ratio is below twenty percent.

Using Technorati to Gain Subscribers and Send Invites

1) Get the BLOG url for the myspace user you want to get subscriber information on.

For this example I am going to use Lily Allen, who has an emerging blog on MySpace to go with her recording career and gossip column stardom.

Her page url is:

So her blog url would be:

2) Go to

3) In the “search for” bar put in the url of the blog

4) The blog screen shot will come up and it will have the stats for the blog. Click on the authority number.

5) The authority screen will come up with every blog that links there, most of these will be MySpace subscribers that show their blog roll on their MySpace page.

6) Using the Firefox web browser or IE 7, right click on the blog name and have it open in a new tab. Do this with the entire page.

7) Go to each tab and click on the URL for each of the blogs.

8 ) Go to the blog screens and click, invite to my blog link below their avatar.

9) Rinse and repeat, go to the next page on technorati and do it again.


Now there are certain risks to this, if you have a newer profile on MySpace this is a good way to get marked as spam and have your profile restricted. You can send 300-500 messages a day on MySpace, a blog invite counts as a message. The speed at which you send the message is how you are determined as spam, be careful about blasting through these quickly. Try and leave 10-15 seconds at least between invites, although 30 seconds is the safest bet but not  realistic. Also if you have a new profile, you need to build and not just blast through 300 messages a day, you need to condition your profile. Start with 25 and do that for 4-5 days and then add another 25 to the amounts of invites you send.

Lower profile ids historically have gotten around this restriction. However if you do get restricted and can’t send messages, e-mail, and just tell them you were sending blog invites and your account is now restricted. The feature of the blog invites is built into system, so it isn’t like you are sending viagra ads or something to these people. They will almost always unlock your profile, if you write to them asking to do so. Let me make this clear though, I don’t work for MySpace, I can’t promise you that this will happen. I can only go by what I have read in forums, what I have heard from other people, and what I have personally experienced myself.

Along with this risks you will upset some people that you invite to your blog, it goes with the territory though as you gain popularity you are going to be upsetting people one way or another.

The benefits

You are targeting people that are blog readers and are interested in your genre, with a technique that offers the highest return rate. As a bonus you are approaching people that aren’t necessarily leaving comments so they aren’t getting hit with invites all the time, which makes them more likely to accept a request. Also your technorati authority increases, which is kind of worthless to have a high technorati rank on a MySpace blog but it still has some meaning when applying for freelance writing jobs or paid blogging gigs.

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