How do you build a large audience on MySpace? Part V

@Kevin | Social

The next step in your growth as a blogger is to begin to create “feeder” profiles to your account. Why stop at one account when you could have a few different ones in different cities, all leading to your “main” profile? The whole idea is that this is a pure numbers game just like any other type of Mass Media. The goal is to get as many people seeing your work as possible, with your solid content the more eyeballs that see your work means more subscribers.

Now I know a lot of people read that and think they have a hard enough time maintaining one profile, why would they want more? You can’t look at it like that, we are going to set this profile up and use it point back to your main profile.

One of the most important parts of this strategy is the design of the profile, this is going to take some design skills. What you really want to do is create an account and place a divide overlay for the design. I am not going to attempt to explain how to do this, a great tutorial can be found here though.

  • get rid of comments showing up- if you aren’t on your page for awhile or don’t check it everyday you don’t have to worry about dealing with this hassle
  • direct everything back to your profile- when you do an overlay you have to put in your profile id number for messaging, pictures, your blog, etc… Use your main profile id, so everything points back to that profile
  • create a “standard” profile to deploy to as many profiles as you wish- once you have a standard design you can deploy it to as many profiles as you can create and maintain
  • cut down on profile design time- after designing the overlay you essentially just cut and paste two files into your new profile, making profile design time take seconds, no longer do you need to fill out all the information to your profile

I would recommend placing new profiles in different cities so that you have different results when people do local searches. This is honestly a little more effective if you are an attractive female because of the sheer amount of men trolling myspace for dates. I know that sounds sexist but from the other case study that I outlined, it is the truth.

To see a sample feeder profile click here. (note:I don’t have the messaging setup to go to my main profile just so I don’t connect the two for various reasons)

Now you can just sit on these accounts and hope they draw attention, or use them to promote your blog without using your actual profile. It all depends on how you want to approach it. For me the main reason you want to create these multiple setups is you can now introduce automation into your strategy which will compliment your current approach of targeting people through invites.

Next time: Automation