How do you build a large audience on MySpace? Part IX

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We’ve reached the end of this series, I hope you have all found it helpful.

Over the course of this series I talked about a lot of different techniques ranging from targeting your audience, to automation, to even bending the rules on MySpace a bit. You don’t have to use all or even some of these techniques in order to be successful in building a blog audience on MySpace, however I wanted to present you with the techniques and practices a lot of people are using. (Or I should say a lot of the techniques that people are using but wouldn’t admit to using.)

What you choose to do and how you choose to deploy the techniques covered in this series is totally up to you.

I want to use this last post to make one thing clear, you can’t stop promoting your work. Understand that readers on MySpace are cyclical, expect a high turnover rate in people that are reading and commenting your blog every three months or so. Bringing in new readers to the fold is something you need to continually focus on. You should set aside a small patch of time each day to promote your work for at the very least ten minutes, preferably half an hour. Make it a habit to at least send 25 blog invites or something of that nature, determine what works for you and make it part of your writing routine.

In the past I have gotten into arguments with bloggers on MySpace that think self promotion is wrong and that the quality of your work will speak for itself. I used to argue that if you were part of the best band in the world and never left your garage nobody would find you. As I expanded what I read and who I read on the web my thoughts on self promotion were only reinforced, many popular bloggers will tell you how much self promotion matters in their success.

You have to keep in mind when blogging that your time breakdown should be something like:

60% Writing
30% Promotion
10% site design/maintenance

If you apply that time breakdown to your blogging schedule and write quality, focused content you will find a readership.

I would like to use this to open the floor to any specific questions about using MySpace, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer your question…