How do you build a large audience on MySpace? VII

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This next subject is one that is highly controversial and I don’t know if it even applies to MySpace anymore, gaming the blog rankings. The reason why I say I don’t know if it applies anymore is that I don’t blog on their currently and when I left it looks like there has been modifications to the ranking system but MySpace has shown they don’t care about blogging on their site. Ultimately I believe the loopholes are still there but you may need to make a few adjustments.

MySpace has blog rankings that will show you the most read posts of the previous day, the rankings are a good place to gain people that are causally browsing. If you make the top ten of the overall rankings you can see a bump of anywhere from 20-100 subscribers. To get the most out of the rankings two things are true:

1) You must place high in the rankings
2) You need to use interesting titles to attract attention or have an interesting or attractive profile picture

The rankings are a cause of bickering amongst the bloggers on MySpace, it has been widely known for a long time that people can game the rankings doing different things. I have read a lot of the theories and techniques, some have been close while others have been off of the mark. While I personally don’t cheat, I discovered how to do it when trying to figure out how two of the most notorious cheaters on MySpace did it. I tried the techniques on a dummy profile that I created and did it on my own profile for about 4 days to figure out the effects, this was over a year ago and the loopholes still seem to be there.

While it works, morally I want to earn the hits I get, also this is a potential way to get your profile deleted because you are using an automated process on the site, however since you are going to be using a different profile than your own they really can’t delete your “main” profile.

With the moral argument and the profile deletion mention out of the way, it is time to learn how to game the rankings.

Understand that the rankings are an ever changing formula of hits, comments, and kudos. If you get a good amount of comments and kudos you don’t need as many hits to climb high in the rankings. I would regularly hit the top ten with about 4,000 hits but I would have a couple hundred comments and kudos. People that have talked about gaming the rankings will tell you that you need tens of thousands of hits but their posts would usually contain around ten comments at best.

If you have started your blog and are getting a page or two of comments you don’t have to hit it all that much to get into the top ten. Also if you are getting a decent amount of comments it won’t look like you gaming the rankings either.

However if you get very little comments you will need a ton of hits, but because you don’t have a lot of comments expect some sort of backlash from the MySpace blogging community, but remember they are a small fraction of users that you can block and ignore.

1) Get a program- One of the dumbest things I repeatedly see people say when they write about auto-refreshing blogs on MySpace is that they would sit there and hit the f5 button for an hour or so on end. If you go to there is a list of refresher programs that plug right into your browser. Don’t pay for one, find one that is free and allows you to set the refresh rate interval.

2) Post in the morning- The rankings used to reset between 2 am and 3 am pacific standard time. I would recommend posting in the morning because it gives you the maximum time to get hits and comments on your blog.

3) Run the program for a few hours- Using a refresh rate of 5 or 10 seconds run the program for a few hours a day. Find what the correct amount is that you need to crack the overall top ten and run the program for that amount of time.

Once you find your magic number you can make it so you crack the top ten every time you post. The thing is once you get there how to you get people to click on your blog and read it.

Use creative titles with your entry, it is a good way to draw attention to your post and get people to go to your blog from the rankings. This is just simple blogging philosophy that you can read more on at Copyblogger or Problogger, two sites that I highly recommend for people that take their blogging seriously.

If your content is good this is an easy way to gain readers and traffic, albeit in an ethically grey area a lot of people do this on MySpace. Since the rankings aren’t a measure of true quality it makes easier morally to do.

Next time: Some small profile tweaks that make a difference