How do you run a social media program on MySpace? Part 2

@Kevin | Social

This is the second part of my case study of how to run a social media campaign on, using one of my former clients as an example. You can read part one which talks about establishing a social media foothold on MySpace.

During our first meeting we determined the following:

1) The customer’s goals-to drive people to their website
2) Their customers’ demographics- male dominated 16-35 age bracket

Knowing the goal and a general demographic we were able to move forward and begin to establish a plan.

The first would be a page using the websites URL, with banners, video, and links to their website. This page was heavily designed and was made to look nothing like the standard MySpace page. This was being deployed so current fans of the site could find the page, also we could use the main site graphics with the URL of the webpage as the avatar and get the profile seen by as many users as possible. (I will go into the tactics we used to do that in the next installment.)

Or second account would be based on one of the employees that worked in the marketing department. Playing on the male demographic we used a female employee’s photo and created her “personal” account, which used pictures that she had taken at various events the company has been to. On that profile we personalized it with information we created for her, also we included multiple links to the companies website within the content of her profile. The design of the page was done through a standard MySpace page maker that you can find through a Google search. It was made to look like it was done on a personal level. (While we were setting this up for her the page was going to be used and maintained by her. We were not creating a false person but a page that was optimized for what they wanted to do.)  We created a profile for an attractive girl that was into motor sports, that had knowledge about the subject area, and worked for this motor sport website.

From there we established what we wanted to do:

-use blogs on the personal page to drive traffic by republishing the start of articles from the site with a link
-use bulletins to promote exclusive video and news stories from both pages
-use pictures, videos and other content as previews
-target market to add friends and gain subscribers

Also I personally used this as an experiment to see what profile would get the better reaction, would a slick designed page with a name brand win out over an average looking page of an attractive female?