How do you run a social media program on MySpace? Part 3

@Kevin | Social

Today I want to cover what we did with one of the profiles in our marketing campaign. The profile I want to discuss is the website profile, as opposed to the “personal profile” we created.

The entire goal of the website profile, with the URL of the company’s website in it’s name and on the avatar (the icon MySpace displays for your name), was  to get it plastered all over the place. However, we wanted to be smart about how we did this, just adding a bunch of friends using an adding service like Friendstorm, would get us very little return. We wanted to make sure that we earned targeted and useful traffic.

Our first step was to create a list of keywords that the site used, like 4×4, motor sports, off-roading, and others. After we determined a few keywords we hit the MySpace groups page, where we imputed the various keywords.

Each keyword would give us usually at least 100 groups, some with membership in the tens of thousands all the way to groups as small as a dozen. From there we compiled a list in Excel of groups that the company may be interested in joining, giving them the final say if they wanted to join the group or not. The reason why we narrowed down the list was, just like any other searches, there were groups that didn’t exactly fit with the off-road culture. Also there were some groups with content that most businesses would not want to be associated with them. (I guess racism and off-roading go hand in hand?)

Once we received the list back we took the time and joined all these groups. By mass joining these groups we gained a few things.

1) When you join a group on MySpace, you are listed on the front page of the group as a new user. It gets your profile views, and depending on how active people are in joining the group it can stay up there for awhile.

2) You’ve got a group of people you can approach that you know share the same interest.

From these groups we have created the people in to invite to our profile. Using a software program, we were able to go through these groups and build a database of profiles we would want to add.

You not only had traffic coming to you but you have a database that you can attack.

Two other things groups are valuable for, which we didn’t do right away.

1) By selecting a handful of larger, active groups to participate in a couple of times a week, you help establish yourself as an expert in the field and build some social capital in that small circle.

2) You can approach group moderators to post a banner for your site and page. Maybe you can exchange some merchandise for it, but it is another tool that you can use to gain exposure.