How do you run a social media program on MySpace? Part 4

@Kevin | Social

Yesterday we looked at the company branded profile and how we used that. While we had success with the company branded profile the individual profile really gained steam. For every 100 profiles we invited we were getting 30 friends on the personal profile. The numbers would have been higher if we were narrowing down the pool of friend requests to people who had only been active recently.

The reason for the success of the personal profile was due to clearly to a more personal feel as well as the gender of the person in the picture. I can’t say that having an attractive female didn’t help on the profile but the personal touch I think mattered that much more. People began messaging and wanting to engage in conversation and it wasn’t just guys trying to “pick up” the person in the profile. It was enthusiasts, converts, and people that were interested in what the company was doing.

With the good though comes the bad. I want to look at a few things that I think would have helped out what we were doing.

1) Better Use of Groups- One thing I would have done is approach the moderators for the groups that I had joined and asked if we could put a banner on the group page for either the MySpace profile or the webpage. In each group on MySpace there is a moderator who started the group, they can design the group including the content on the top of the page which includes what the group is about, links, pictures, videos, etc.

By reaching out to these people and possibly giving them a t-shirt or some other type of merchandise, we could have made better use of the groups and driven more traffic directly from them. In other campaigns for other companies I used this tactic to great results. Sadly though with MySpace’s policy changes towards outbound links it is harder to track traffic referrals and what banners from what groups are successful.

2) Created multiple “personal” accounts- The success of the personal account over the professional one was about 3 to 1, add rate wise. People were flocking to the personal one because it came off as genuine. We should have created multiple personal accounts, since we automated the friend invites we could have cycled through a handful of accounts per day.

The only drawback is answering all the e-mails from all the accounts. One solution to this is to create an overlay over each of these accounts that point back to one central account. While people will be able to message you back when you send a friends request or post a bulletin any direct messages from your profile will be routed to one profile.

3) Created banner with code that people could copy and paste to their page- While I am not sure if this would have taken off or not, I still do think it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to try. By having a few banners advertising the webpage that looked cool, maybe some people would support the page and put them on their MySpace page? It could have been a cheap and easy way to obtain traffic. The advocates for the brand were there and we should have used them.

Those were three simple things that I think we could have done better with this approach.