How I retained the first result for my name on Google Profiles

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Recently I moved decided to open a new Google account to use that had a much more professional sounding name. Originally when I set up my Gmail account years ago it was for a humor site and the username wasn’t something that I wanted to indentify with anymore. (“Sexyman6969” apparently isn’t very professional sounding…. Just kidding, it wasn’t that bad.) Since I set up the account I really liked using Gmail and transferred from Yahoo mail, which I had since 1996. (Eleven years of loyalty down the drain.) The issue now had become I had so much invested in that other Gmail account. Most of the items were easy to move over with Adsense and Google Webmaster Tools being in the only items that I really couldn’t change account easily.

The only major issue was with my Google Profile.

On my old Google account I had already set up my Google Profile. A few other people with the same name registered their account as well. The problem with switching my account is that I was going to lose my top spot with my name on Google profiles or so I thought.

When I removed my profile I was no longer ranked (obviously). Then I added my new profile with my name and was listed as the third “Kevin Palmer”. I took the time to verify my name through Google Knol, unlike other people with my name, and within hours I was ranked as the top Kevin Palmer.

To verify your username you need either a credit card or a phone number. (For the most part you also need to live in the United States.)

Google though downplays the importance of verifying your name, although my results said otherwise.

Q: So, why do we verify our names. Does it improve our position in ranking?

At the moment, the feature exists solely as one means for you to communicate to your readers that you are who you say you are. At this present time, it does not have a significant effect on ranking.

I guess the keyword in this statement is “significant”.

Have you taken the time to set up your Google profile yet?