How to Instantly Double your Social Media Viewership Utilizing an Editorial Calendar

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Employing social media for businesses has allowed many brands to increase their following, engage directly with customers and drive traffic to their websites or in-store. The first step in developing this social media presence is creating an editorial calendar that showcases all the upcoming promotions. But sharing content once isn’t enough if you are striving to garner high engagement and drive traffic for a specific program. Content should be shared more than once and across multiple channels to increase the viewership and push your objectives.

Sharing a piece of social content once on one channel does not guarantee high returns. By posting content more than one time and across your social channels, you have a higher likelihood that more followers will see the content and that you will receive more clicks in your overall campaign. The more often you share content, the more likely you are to get clicks.

Now this being said, it is important to take a few things into consideration:

  1. When sharing content more than once, it should never be written verbatim. Mixing up the copy allows your brand to continue to get your message across to your audience without it feeling repetitive.
  2. Content should not be shared more than once a day. Sharing content multiple times means developing a sharing schedule for social posts that covers the lifetime of the program. Varying the days and times you share on various channels is vital to preventing your content from feeling like spam.
  3. Always keep the channel you are posting to into consideration. This means that you need to address how a channel uses both imagery and text. It also means knowing the strengths of each network. For example, Twitter has become a more visual platform, with content utilizing images (within the proper Twitter size) performing better than posts without.
  4. Always monitor your results in order to optimize your campaigns for the best results. If a platform is underperforming, your efforts may be better spent focusing on a platform producing higher results. Be flexible with your sharing schedule to account for these potential changes.

The biggest concern when it comes to sharing content multiple times is the possibility of feeling like a spammer. As long as you keep content and image variety, keep a close eye on the campaign and are flexible as your campaign takes shape, you should see positive returns.

Always keep your message clear and to the point. Create a thoughtful schedule for content that will not overwhelm fans. And finally, consider if your content is providing value. If you follow these tips, you’ll have a success social campaign with high traffic on your hands.

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