Tweeting for Visitors

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After having a few days to relax over the Holidays, I’ve had some time to comb through and analyze our monthly Blog/Twitter traffic for November/December.  I’m happy to report a 451% increase in monthly visits to our site in December!  Analyzing how our web traffic relates to our presence on Twitter ( provided some interesting correlating metrics.  Not surprisingly, our top three days in terms of web traffic directly overlaped our top three days of Twitter click-throughs.  The immediate question that came to mind was –  What were we doing socially during those three days that was different to an average day?

Since we only have real control over our outbound Tweeting (DM, Tweets, Replys), I did not include inbound or multiplier Twitter communication to these figures.  The real method to my madness was trying to figure out what the most appropriate combination of Tweets-to-Replys-to-DM’s-to-Retweets would translate into the most web visitors.  From there, we could determine how best to invest our time on Twitter to maximize the referrals to our site.

After careful analysis, we found our optimal daily breakout for outbound social communication should be the following:

– 48.3% post tweets

– 38.9% @ msg

– 7.2% RT

– 5.5% DM

We will implement the above breakout as a baseline for our January Twitter strategy and  will provide a follow up blog  post to see if our hypothesis translates into a dramatic bump of web visitors and/or social click-throughs.

Is your daily outbound Twitter activity similar to above?  Please let us know what works for you…