Increasing Your Social Media Profile In One Easy Step

@Kevin | Strategy

The one thing I have been trying to do more of lately is increasing my standing on various social media sites. I add various people based off of their social profiles on sites like mahalo, mybloglog, and blog catalog. Each day I try to set aside half an hour to do this, it doesn’t always happen but at least it is a nice goal.

As I was diligently adding people I kept seeing the invite users button on a lot of these sites. Sure I already had fed my e-mail address book when I signed up and I figured throughout that time my friends had been finding me, so there can’t be too much to gain by running the addresses back through.

How wrong was I? Over 100 Twitter friends, 35 Stumbleupon friends, and 20 people on Digg, not to mention renewing contacts on myspace, facebook, and other social networking sites in the dozens.

So take some time this month, go to your social networking and bookmarking sites and run your e-mail address book through them, you will be surprised what comes up.