Is Social Media Changing Your Search Habits?

@Tim | Search, Strategy

Do you find yourself using traditional search engines less and less?  Are you using the Bing search functionality in Facebook?  How often do you find yourself using Twitter Search?

The answers to these questions may surprise you, as users continue to flock to major social networks as their main information portal.  Everything from news to comments, IM to email, videos to pictures, the web is a very different place than 5 years ago.   “More searches are going to start to be done inside social networks,” said Steve Rubel, director of insights at Edelman. “Social networks are going to start to make it easier for you to search content at point of information.”  So while Google is excited about the growth opportunity of the social web and continues to smash their numbers, they have to be terrified of how this can ignite the growth of their nemesis, Facebook.

Its no secret Facebook and Google are at the head table, both with huge stakes of chips and ready for a game of No-limit Texas holdem.