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LinkedIn, the professional networking site, offers unique opportunities for your business’ advertising and marketing needs. First and foremost, it provides the opportunity to create directed ads in a selected industry through its differentiation of demographics and other targeting information. Depending on the client and the goals for the ad campaign, LinkedIn may also offer more quality leads than other social sites.

Here are a few best practices when utilizing LinkedIn as a platform for advertising:

Ad Creation

There are three components to LinkedIn ads:

Campaign Name: LinkedIn ads are organized by campaigns. Be sure to give the campaign a distinct and identifiable name, especially if you have multiple targets and goals.

Destination URL: Decide ahead of time where you would like to direct clicks, whether it be to your website or to a social media network.

Image and Text:
• The image must be a 50×50 icon. Because of the size requirements, it is best to display a graphic of the company logo rather than a more detailed picture.
• The headline length is limited to 25 characters.
• The body description length is limited to 75 characters over two rows. Be sure to include a clear call to action to increase the odds of a click.


The most unique and beneficial aspect of LinkedIn is the ability to target specific audiences. You can focus your ads based on age, gender, geography, company, job title, and group. This allows advertisers to make the most out of the money they spend on LinkedIn by making sure the correct audience is viewing the ads.

One area of LinkedIn that offers a greater selectivity of members is LinkedIn groups. You may try searching for group names based on job positions in your target industry, the target industry itself, or professional associations related to your target audience.


LinkedIn has a minimum CPC bid of $2, but it will suggest a bid range to provide insight into what pricing would be best for your campaign. There is also a minimum daily budget of $10. It is often best to start at a lower CPC and increase your spending once you have gained more knowledge on how your ads and campaigns are performing and which could benefit from a higher budget.

Data Collection

LinkedIn offers data analytics within its advertising to monitor campaign progress. You can check to see if your campaign is running correctly and make adjustments to your ads based on clicks produced.

Ad Optimization

The length of your campaign and the size of your target audiences will influence how often you will need to refresh your ads. You can change any aspect of the ad- from the headline to the description to the image. Change just one component, like the image or the description, so you can gain as many clicks and conversions as possible. Optimizing ads is important for all PPC campaigns, but can make a large impact on LinkedIn because of the highly concentrated audience.

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