Making It Look Good: Visual Style and Aesthetics

@Kevin | Development

After reading this chapter I began to think about my social media profiles and if I designed my pages appropriately. Then I spent some time looking around on MySpace and other social media websites where people can design their page using css elements and I saw a lot of common mistakes that Tidwell addressed in this chapter.

Take a look at three common mistakes:


“Avoid italicized, cursive, or otherwise ornamental fonts: they are unreadable at small sizes”

I can’t tell you how many pages I see with cursive writing, people don’t realize how hard it is to read. “But it looks pretty.” Pretty but unreadable, what is more important?

“All-caps is too hard to read for body text , though it’s okay for headlines and short text, if the font is chosen carefully. Capital letters tend to look similar, and are hard for a reader to differentiate.”

I have found bloggers on MySpace that write in all caps. Genius… well, not really.

Use of White Space:

“Crowded design can evoke urgency or tension under some circumstances. Why? Because text and other graphic elements need to “breathe”- when they’re colliding against each other, or against edges or borders of the page, they cause visual tension.”

This is a problem I see not only on social media pages but also blog sites as well. There is nothing wrong with some white space, there isn’t a need to have every single space filled with widgets, ads, images, text, and whatever else.

Are you making any of these design mistakes?