Marketing Philosophy & Practice: The Rebranding of Convertiv


In a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article, the former head of marketing for Apple when Steve Jobs was CEO, talked about two dreaded and hated words inside Apple  branding and marketing. Typical to his innate understanding of human behavior, Jobs knew that people look to identify personally with a brand and product on an emotional level and if marketers were to get it right, it had to deliver value in the eyes of the consumer.

Branding ≠ Advertising, commercials and artificial things.
Branding = The relationship a consumer has to to a product.

Marketing ≠ The method of selling a product.
Marketing = The method of educating the consumer about the product.

At Convertiv, we’ve spent the last year focusing on defining our brand and how we provide value to our clients. We labored to widdle it down to its simplest form. When we defined our philosophy of work we were able to zero in on what is at the core of our successful client engagements – we evaluate, educate, and execute – helping our clients the get the most value out of their digital channels.

Convertiv Branding & Marketing Defined

Agencies are having to evolve at a quick pace with social media forcing the integration of marketing channels. In order to be effective and keep up with the speed and volume of information flowing through the Internet, brands need access to technology in many different forms. Our agency was founded in an innate understanding of how the mastery of technology is the greatest enabling force to effective marketing today.

We’ve built our practice on the backs of technological expertise and understanding of how social media can be utilized to simulate human interaction and relationships to brands and products. We’ve defined ourselves as follows:

Convertiv is a digital agency of technical marketers. We enable customer engagement through the alignment of technology and program execution.

The New Convertiv Website – Creative Explained

We’ve taken the first step in bringing our brand to life with the launch of our new website in a straightforward way. It’s goal is to

  1. Communicate our fundamental business values and expertise;
  2. Educate our targeted audience on our differentiation in the digital agency marketplace; and
  3. Demonstrate our work at it aligns with our core competencies.

Our new website was built as a means to help our clients and potential clients quickly understand who we are, why we’re different and what we can do. Here’s the thought behind our website structure, creative and functionality.

  • The ‘Gritty’ Look-and-Feel: We see ourselves as an agency that builds the foundation for a digital marketing engine from the ground up. We liken it to digging the foundation, erecting the structure of a house and building out the plumbing, electrical, etc. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty so-to-speak. It’s not sexy work, but its fundamental to the success of any marketing campaign or application we launch.
  • Responsive Approach to Design: Today the majority of consumers access information from their smartphones. Websites should be responsive to the technology used to access it and change dynamically when detected. We’ve designed our website to easily transition and utilize similar ‘swipe’ movement on the desktop. This is how users are getting used to behaving and we think it’s a great way to navigate.
  • Adhering to Form & Functionality: We can basically make anything happen visually on a website but that doesn’t mean we use it just for the sake of showing off our abilities. We believe that functionality should enable the user to navigate more easily…and that’s it.
  • Content Delivered in It’s Simplest Form: Visitors want to quickly navigate and consume information based on their needs. We’ve utilized WordPress’ ability to link ‘like’ content using categories and taxonomies so that the user can navigate and expand their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Yes, We’re Technical But We’re Also Creative: We’ve coined the term ‘technical marketers’ because that’s our differentiating factor. But that doesn’t mean we’re not creative. In fact, we source our creative in our application of technology, digital strategy and program development and execution. Being creative represents our ability to understand the complex nature of technology and how to utilize it to evangelize brands.

What’s Next  Agency Reel

We are planning to publish an ‘agency reel’ that captures the essence of who we are in a couple weeks. It will tie all of these pieces together through video showcasing our people, culture, and successes.

In the meantime, please subscribe and we’ll continue to educate you on topics that relate to the intersection of digital media and technology.

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