Marketing Profs Releases the Dumbest Survey Ever

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I just saw a tweet that directed me to this blog post entitled “Digg, StumbleUpon & MySpace are Worthless Compared to Twitter “ and my head almost exploded. In fact it irritated me enough that I stopped trying to get caught up from my two-week vacation (that is why updates haven’t happened) and decided to sit down and write/spew this.

While Marketing Profs didn’t post this blog post, the “social media” team from Serengeti Communications did, the ideas being shared are either misrepresenting the survey or making the Marketing Profs team sound pretty inept. Whatever the case may be it shows that traditional PR/Communications people trying to pawn themselves off as social media experts end up ultimately sounding like they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

Where do I start?

1) “if you are planning your entire social media strategy around the marketing tactics of Digg, StumbleUpon or MySpace”

If you are planning your entire social media marketing strategy around any one single site, even Twitter, than you are a complete idiot. Furthermore your strategy shouldn’t just bank on one tool or site just because it is “hot” or “popular”.

Depending on whom, what, and where you are targeting different sites and tools are going to have different benefits. Also you can’t forget to create different outposts, which will allow people to connect to your brand on a platform they feel comfortable with.

2) “According to the MarketingProfs survey of over 200 Twitter users, Twitter ranks behind only blogs as the social media tool that delivers the most value.”

This is akin to going to Wendy’s and asking their customers to rate their favorite fast food restaurants? Who does this? Furthermore who the hell would pay $49 to receive a totally biased survey?

I’m not saying Twitter isn’t powerful or that it shouldn’t be considered in a social media strategy but they are asking people that are already heavily personally or professionally using the service their opinion. Also this is a general question that is so bland when in reality each and every case needs to be strategically thought out. Social media strategy isn’t a cookie cutter fueled deployment. But I guess this is what happens when you want to make a quick buck around the hot website.

3) “Of course there also needs to be research done into where your audience is…  If you are a rock band who needs to get the word out, MySpace may just be the place for you.  If you are a “green company” and putting out a lot of content around that, Digg could just be a natural place to seed your content.”

Way to attempt to rebound and try to make up for five paragraphs of pure idiocy by generalizing which each site targets. The framed the conversation one way to start out the blog post and then contradicted themselves by throwing this in.

It frustrates me beyond belief when people try and share poor information like this by attaching it to a survey you can purchase. First of all it is taking advantage of people that truly want to learn about this space and are trying to collect information on it. Then you have people spreading the word on said survey, in a manner that doesn’t even do the flawed survey any justice. I don’t know if this post was done in order to curry favor with the Marketing Profs team or just another example of the social media echo chamber that rots original thought.

Simply amazing… I am going to get back to doing quality work for my clients instead of spreading poor information or start drinking… It could go either way.