Matt Cutts: Google and What You Need To Know

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The other day I decided to share with you some important points I have been getting by watching (well listening to) different presentations online while I work. My first post in the series was from Tim Ferris and his presentation at WordCamp San Francisco 2009, today I revisit another presentation from WordCamp San Fransisco by Matt Cutts.

Plugins That Matt Uses (besides the typical ones)

Cookies for comments– It is a great anti-spam measure that stops robots from auto-posting comments to your blog.

Enforce WWW- It enforces the www or non-www version URL of your blog. This helps prevent your blog from having results split between the two versions. (this actually has been put into the WordPress core so there is no need to use it)

Some basic tips that a lot of people overlook

-Make sure the title of your blog post is something searchable. Think about how people use search.

For example this blog title: Matt Cutts: Google and What You Need to Know

Better title: Matt Cutts WordCamp Presentation

-Categories: Use basic keywords

-Don’t use underscores use dashes and whatever you do don’t mash your URLS all together with no spacing.


Blogging Tip

Struggling for something to write about? Check your analytics and see what some of your popular older posts are. Perhaps you can do a new version of that post or update it.

Security Tip

Add to your htaccess your IP address and set it so you can only access your wp-admin. Matt explains how to do it here.