Methods to Monitor, Track & Listen: Your Way to Social Campaign Success

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How do we capture conversations in social media? How can we understand our audiences? Is there a way for us to measure the success of our digital campaigns? All frequently asked questions by marketers trying to gain deeper insight into their social strategies and ultimately their audiences, whose conversations via social nurture the very life of their campaigns, promotions, events, and product launches.

Here at Convertiv, we are in the trenches every day experimenting with different formulas and recipes to most effectively measure and track the success of social. Every recipe, however, requires a few ‘special ingredients’, which bind a dish together, and the same goes for social media reporting. One of those special ‘ingredients’ is Radian6.

Radian6 is a renowned social monitoring and listening tool, which allows social mentions and related conversations to be tracked for brands (brand products), competitors, and industry topics. It provides various features to analyze the gathered data for meaningful insights about brands and related trends, and covers online conversations from more than 650 million sources.

Use Cases for Radian6

  • Track and monitor social mentions (brand, products, competitors, industry topics)
  • Develop greater insights about conversations happening on the web, to make data driven decisions
  • Engage with customers efficiently and respond in real-time (sharing expertise)

Primary Features and Functionality

Below we outline the features and functionalities of Radian6, we have identified as key components to successful monitoring, tracking and listening for our clients, and which help guide our decision making process for social media strategies.

Topic Profiles and Keywords

Topic Profiles within Radian6 house all the information that is required to track and monitor social mentions, across blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Photo/Video sharing sites, forums, and mainstream news. Monitoring mentions via Radian6 is set a the keyword level, and topic profiles is where all the different keyword groups are registered and applied with the use of specific filters that allow for further data segmentation.

Multiple topic profiles can be setup that may be tied to unique campaigns, products, and/or events, keeping data for tracking organized and readily accessible. The filtering options used in Radian6 are our favorite feature, as they allow us to further dissect mentions we are interested in observing. Filtering options include: media types, regions/languages, and identified sources.


The customizable dashboards in Radian6 are the most valuable asset, as they give light to the very questions we observed earlier. The dashboards function in real-time, and are set up by each user with unique social monitoring widgets. Once dashboards are setup users can monitor social mentions tied to their brands/products and/or services, as they are happening. From here users can view, mentions broken out by different media types, regions, languages, influencers, keywords and sentiment.

Additionally, users can observe mentions segmented over time, with quick insight into trends, and review the full mentions as they have been published by the various sources.

Widget Gallery

The unique widgets created within Radian6 give users the opportunity to customize their dashboards, and track the different topic profiles with their specific keywords. They function as the key touch points between the user and the social data fueled by the different audiences across the social media sources.

The primary widgets applied for social media monitoring include:

Topic Analysis Widget

Topic Profile results by volume of mentions.

Topic Trends Widget

Trends in conversations that occur for key issues and topics over time.

Conversation Cloud

Graphic representation of the 50 most commonly mentioned words associated with a topic profile.

Top Influencers

Identifies and tracks social influencers.

River of News

List all social media sources for topic profiles.

Using the featured widgets (as well as others accessible via the account settings), users can fully track conversations across the social web. More importantly, widgets can be configured to display results for set time frames, from specific media types, and using different topic profile widgets.

Additionally, their flexible nature, allows users to segment results that are displayed within one widget. For example, results for ‘total mentions’ can be broken up by region, language, media type, and sentiment. The configuration of widgets is what brings to life the noted dashboards, and provides a visual display of relevant data, monitored in real time.

With the applied features for monitoring, tracking and listening, Radian6 can serve as a valuable asset for capturing conversations to gain greater insights into target markets and the success of social campaigns.

New Horizons of Usage

  • Gain deeper insights into brand products and campaigns (volume, trends, sentiment, sources, etc.) to make informed decisions
  • Apply regional usage, to segment and analyze data by country and language
  • Understand trends related to target markets and industry competitors

Additions & Feedback

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