Mobile Marketing: Do I Need a Dedicated Short Code?

@Tim | Development

The most obvious qualifying question we ask clients is – How big is your budget?  There is a simple break even depending on who you go with and what you negotiate with your aggregator. As aggregators make money off messaging volume, they set up monthly minimums for their dedicated short code customers.   You can typically get them down to about $3,000 per month which typically includes about 100,000 total messages.  So the second qualifying question is – How much monthly volume do you anticipate?

If you think it’s going to be anything more than 40k (one way) we would seriously consider going dedicated vs. shared.  While it is costly, it gives you the flexibility to create anything you want and will provide greater economies of scale than going through a shared short code provider.


  • Unlimited “Keywords”
  • Flexibility to develop your own solution
  • Vanity code option
  • Lower per transaction cost


  • High monthly minimums vs. shared short codes
  • Technical expertise
  • Carrier approval process

As SMS is a widely available and heavily used amongst wireless customer, Short Code based marketing has proved to be one of the simplest and cost effective ways to connect with the mobile consumer.