Mobile Marketing: MMS Explained

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MMS is simply an extension of SMS, however instead of just sending simple text data a user has the ability to send multimedia (video, pictures, audio, rich text).  As you can imagine, since there is a lot more data that’s involved when sending a video vs. sending simple text, the carrier’s get a little nervous of what and how much is running through their pipes.

  • Can deliver multimedia files (video, pics, ringtones etc.)
  • Memorable experience
  • Can utilize cool technologies like “App-Less” 2D barcodes or image recognition
  • Can integrate with technologies like Text-to-Screen or Post-to-Web


  • Must have a dedicated short code ($5k/mo budget)
  • Expensive $.04-.06 per msg (each way)
  • No aggregator has full MMS connectivity in the US
  • Long testing and approval process with carriers (12-16 weeks)
  • Lots of technical know how

Terms to Know:

Mobile Originated (MO) – a text (SMS or MMS) that is sent by the user

Mobile Terminated (MT) – a text (SMS or MMS) that is sent by the aggregator and ends at the user’s mobile device

MMS or (Multimedia Messaging Service): a form mobile messaging that sends media such as pictures, video, ringtones, and rich text via text