Mobile Marketing: Top 10 Terms Every Marketer Should Know

@Tim | Strategy

1.)  Short Code – 3-6 number phone numbers for sending SMS or MMS messages

2.)  WAP Site – Wireless Application Protocol Site or mobile website

3.)  Mobile Analytics – WAP and Application analytics providers such as Motally and Bango

4.)  MMA – Mobile Marketing Association

5.)  2D Barcode – Funny looking barcodes that gives the user more information about something by either scanning the code with an application or taking a picture and sending to a short code


6.)  LBS – Location Based Service…

7.)  Smartphone Apps – iTunes Store, Android Marketplace, Blackberry World, Palm App Catalog

8.)  Mobile Ad Networks – Admob, Jumptap, Millennial Media, Third Screen Media etc.

9.)  Mobile Video – video can be rendered on most Smartphones by embedded WAP page or mobile YouTube link

10.) Augmented Reality – Overlaying a virtual world over a direct view of the physical world, typically displayed through a mobile camera… ie Layars, Wikitude, etc.