My Twitter, Facebook, and Site Grader Scores… What does it mean?

@Kevin | Strategy

My Twitter grader score is- 98.7

My Facebook grader score is- 99.4 (I am currently ranked 33rd in the world!)

My Website grader score is- 97.5

What does it all mean? Absolutely nothing.

Is it fun to check these out? Yup.

Is it a nice boost to my ego and a pat on the back? If I thought it mattered, sure.

Is there real relevancy to anything? Not really.

While I will say that I think website grader does have some use, especially to use as a tool to show a client how bad their current SEO information is, it shouldn’t be a measuring stick for how optimized your website is. I look at it as more of a fear-mongering tool than anything else. While it doesn’t paint the whole picture, if you have a really poor score on there that means there are some very basic SEO things that you are missing on your site that need to be corrected ASAP. The site is a useful tool to quantify how bad things are but shouldn’t be used as the complete roadmap on how to correct everything.


The interesting thing about these graders is how Hubspot has used them to give themselves a boatload of leads. At the end of these graders there is usually an e-mail signup or a request that you follow them on that service. Sure maybe a large percentage of these leads aren’t going to be serious prospects but they are continually filling their funnel by appealing to people’s curiosity and desire to pat themselves on the back. It is a brilliant deployment of internet marketing.

A couple of months back I was at a social media breakfast here in Boston about the ROI of social media. Someone from Hubspot was there and they explained that they had reconfigured their entire internet marketing plan, weaning themselves off Google Adwords by establishing their blog, using SEO, and these tools to fill their funnel.

To me it is interesting to watch their strategy play out in front of our eyes.

So what is your grade? (Not that it matters.)