Lokast takes Mobile File Sharing to the Next Level

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Exciting news  coming out of SXSW from Philadelphia based startup Nearverse.  The company’s “Lokast” iPhone app went live over the weekend in the Itunes Store and has already been generating some serious buzz.  The app uses proximity awareness to find other “Lokast” app users within a 300 ft radius and allows those users to connect for mobile file sharing of music, videos, pictures, contacts and even share browsing like a mobile Webex.

The possibilities are endless for sharing mobile content during conferences, meeting, concerts, sports games.  Sure, real time “casting” of thoughts through “# tags” or location through “check-ins” has changed the way we interact, but opening your mobile content and “Lokasting” is certainly taking proximity based mobile social apps to the next level.  This morning, we had the chance to chat with Nearverse’ CEO, Boris Bogatin, on where he thinks “Lokast” will fit in the scheme of things:

LoKast is making the iPhone a local social music hub, a social boombox. Everyone has an iPhone or iPod. What are you spinning today? And of course #byebyedemocd

Foursquare and Gowalla have exploded through an ego feeding game concept, encouraging users to “check-in” for social captial and badges.  Nearverse’ secret sauce is rewarding their users with real value, social rich media; the more “Lokast” users within proximity, the richer the experience becomes.  Viral in the truest sense…

Check out the sneak peak demo below: