Guide to Finding Negative Keywords

@Tim | Search

As a Best Practice, after a week or so of running your Adwords Campaign you should scrub or weed for negative keywords matches.  This is a great optimization technique which can save a lot of money and improve campaign numbers across the board.

Here are the steps in running a Search Query Performance Report, it’s simple and certainly recommended to execute on a weekly to bi-weekly basis at most.  Within your Adwords Account, select the “Reports” tab and select “Create a New Report.”  This will take you to the following menu:

Select this report, choose your date range and allow the report to generate.  Open within an Excel document and filter through all the user search queries where you will find a goldmine of unnecessary keywords.  To make it a bit easier and hopefully to save some time, we recommend sorting the entire report by impressions, highest to lowest – that way, you can see what queries are receiving the most searches.  Next, put together your –negative list and hold that on the side just as you go back to your Adwords Account.  Select the “Tools” or “Opportunities” Tab, followed by clicking on “Edit Campaign Negative Keywords.”  See the screenshot below:

Copy your list in the box, one term per line and select “Add Keywords.”  Negative Keywords List accomplished!