Optimist on Buzz

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For us, @KevinRose the creator of Digg, is one of the brightest stars in the tech space.  With all the nay-sayers hating on Buzz and wondering if this was a failed attempt/launch by Google, it was interesting to hear him go on a rant about why Buzz is paramount to Google’s future and why they quickly decided to push it front and center (no labs).  He believes, releasing it post labs, means they consider real-time data dissection core to their future.

He quickly elaborates on the seismic shift taking place, as we evolve towards indexing real-time information.  His point about Twitter scaring the hell out them is true (huge space carved on 1st page was unheard of), but as he says Twitter is not for sale.  So this means Google needs to create their own answer and get it right.  Once the application is refined and subsequently embedded everywhere across the web, Buzz could give them the access to this real-time information at a quicker access point vs Twitter.

We’re a bit more optimistic about Google’s chances and totally understand their motives.  However, Dave Winer sums up my thoughts perfectly is his post about the one thing I’m still unhappy about.  “When Google rolled out Buzz last week they activated an unknown number of users and chose people for them to follow automatically based on who they email most frequently with. Presumably these people had to also be on Gmail. And the list of people you follow is public.” They knew going into this it was the wrong way to approach for user privacy.  This point brings in the age old question about how vulnerable our private lives are inside of Google.