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Twitter Optimization & Getting to ROI

We recently reviewed our best practices to make the most out of your Twitter advertising campaigns, where we observed constraints, targeting features and available bidding options. As advancements are continually made via social on Twitter, we want to continue to explore the new options and features available to ensure successful ROI.

From our previous discussion we learned about the 3 key targeting options focusing on: Geography, Gender and Interests, and how to apply them while keeping budget and measurement needs in mind. Now we want to explore newly added features from 2013, following advertising options via cost per action for:

  1. Promoting Accounts
  2. Promoting Tweets
  3. Promoting Trends

4 New Advertising Features

  1. Keyword Targeting – The first improved feature for available promotion options, unlike advertising through Facebook, is keyword targeting as part of timelines and search results. Within the last few months, Twitter has enhanced keyword targeting to also include ‘broad match’ filters. Broad match, as explained by Twitter focuses on “tweets containing keywords in any order, including other words in between. Related terms, stem variations, synonyms, misspellings and slang.” Keyword targeting also has expanded to ‘sentiment filtering’ and ‘negative keyword matching,’ providing us with the added flexibility to really be in tune with the on going conversations, which allow us to reach our ideal audience groups.
  2. Timelines – Next, with the value of timelines in mind, Twitter has provided advertisers with the opportunity to also promote accounts within timelines. Such a step, has allowed us to highlight brand awareness for clients to foster continued engagement. According to Twitter, from a study composed in 2013, 72% of users concluded that they would make a purchase from brands they follow and develop conversations with.
  3. Conversion Tracking – The most valuable assets we recommend taking advantage of via Twitter is its conversion tracking feature implemented end of last year. The ability to understand how engagements and impressions via Twitter influence conversions, provides great insight into Twitter ad campaign optimization. More importantly, with the ability to set specific attribution windows for either post-engagements (URL clicks, retweets, replies, favorites, follows) or post-views, we get a closer look at how Twitter promotions drive our website/landing page results. Aligning our campaigns for improved CPA targets has added greater value to how we approach our Twitter ad campaign development and daily budget constraints.
  4. Tailored Audiences – One of the last advertising improvements catching our attention via Twitter is the availability of tailored audiences. With the tailored audiences option, you can now utilize your CRM databases to develop highly targeted campaigns, for specific customer groups using Twitter. This allows for unique offers and special promotions to reach specific members you are interested in engaging. Essentially audiences from CRM databases are used to create specific audience groups with the use of what Twitter calls “unusable scrambles” or “hashes” from the help of an ads partner. The developed hashes from the CRM databases are ultimately responsible for taking the right user information, and aligning it with the right Twitter accounts where the related promotions will be displayed. Likewise individual lists can be created using Twitter Account IDs, to develop such tailored audiences. Finally, the added value also comes down to the custom combinations available to remove select known audience groups.

Advertising via Twitter has come a long way in the last year, and 2014 is all about utilizing the new features that are available to their fullest for demonstrable ROI.

Additions & Feedback

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