Optimizing The Holidays For Social Growth & Sales

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The holidays may seem like a hectic time for you and your business, as you rush to meet deadlines before year’s end while fitting in endless social engagements. However, it can also be a great time of year for your business to engage heavily with customers and fans via your social channels. So if you’re selling a product or a service, you should keep in mind how beneficial this season can be when it comes to converting holiday spirit into sales.

Need To Know Spending Trends

  • Go Online: During the holiday season 81% of women will buy new beauty products and clothing. And where do you think they’re finding their inspiration? Online. If you’re selling within this industry, you should absolutely be capitalizing on this trend.
  • Go Food & Drink: Do you work in food and beverage? If so you should note that 94% of people spend more on food during the holidays, and another 43% consume more alcohol.
  • Go Gift Cards: If you offer gift cards through your company, this is the perfect time of year to sell them since 43% of consumers will give them as holiday gifts in 2013.
  • Go Mobile: When combing the figures from Facebook and Pinterest, they account for more than 56% of socially generated ecommerce sales. What’s even more important to note is that the majority of social media users are browsing and shopping these sites on their mobile devices.

So no that you’ve seen some numbers and understand that social selling can be a great tool to drive sales during this time of year (especially via mobile), it’s time to figure out how you should go about incorporating this knowledge into your social media marketing strategy. What content can you utilize to sell and what are your options when it comes to pushing your messaging live? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you better optimize the holidays.

Top Strategy Tips To Optimize Sales The Holidays

  1. Plan Ahead
    Since you already know you’re most likely going to be rushing to complete tasks before the New Year, you need to make sure you take the time to think about your holiday marketing strategy well in advance. If you’re using an editorial calendar, which you should be, then you need to plan on having everything written out a month prior to give yourself enough time for the approval process and for scheduling out posts. With a strategy in place you’re setting yourself up for greater success.
  2. Encourage Engagement
    You’ll especially want to have a set plan in place if you’re taking your content beyond simple messaging. The holidays are a great time to get your fans in the spirit while offering calls to action through things like contests and giveaways. Running promotions that encourage social sharing by using incentives like prizing, can be an easy way to increase your fan base and your social reach. It can also give your existing customers a reason to remain loyal interacting in a fun manner with your brand.
  3. Turn Tips Into Sales
    If the idea of running a contest intimidates you, another easy move you can make is sharing holiday tips with your fan base. Posting things like gift guides, entertaining ideas or product tips (depending of course upon the industry you’re in) is a smart way to quietly point consumers to your goods. Include links that offer your fans easy access to your website and/or products, and make sure you’re monitoring your channels to assist those who may need help. The first step is getting your fans to express interest in what you’re selling, but if you aren’t offering top-notch customer service on top of that, you could easily lose sales. And of course, also be sure you’re posting on the channels your customers are most active on to guarantee your content is being seen.
  4. Use A Cross Channel, Multi-Platform Plan
    Don’t limit yourself to one channel either. If you’re running a contest on Facebook, promote it on Twitter as well. If you’re offering tips to consumers, why not share them on Pinterest and Instagram? Just remember that most of us access social media via our phones nowadays, so always make sure your content can be seen and accessed not only on a computer, but also on a mobile device.

Additions & Feedback

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