Powering Up Your Facebook Ad Targeting with Power Editor Audience Selection

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As explained in my previous post, Facebook Brand Engagement Just Got a Whole Lot Better with Graph Search, there are three sections to creating a Facebook ad with the Power Editor tool:

  1. Creative
  2. Audience
  3. Optimization & Pricing

With about 64% of US advertisers mapping their social ad budgets this year, how do marketers find the right audience to engage with from the over the 1 billion Facebook users?

The audience section is equally important as the creative. Despite having stellar content, if you are not targeting the right audience, your social engagement will not perform well.

2 Methods for Use for Engagement

Today, we’re focusing on the methods to employ to select an audience to you’re your engagement objectives: Audience

There are two ways to choose your Audience in the Power Editor Tool- Standard or Advanced. We will examine both options to help you as an advertiser decipher which is best for your needs.

Method 1: Standard

Step 1: Choose Your Targeting

Facebook offers general user characteristics when choosing an audience that fit within your target market. In the Standard option you can choose:

  • Audiences

In order to streamline some of the effort involved in creating audiences, advertisers can save a targeting group and select it in the audience section here. This allows you to use the same target group more than once and allows for multiple campaigns. A saved targeting group pre-selects all the audience parameters involved in the Standard Audience targets

If you do not have an existing targeting group, you would skip this section and continue on to the remaining targeting areas for a Standard Audience

  • Location

This option allows you to choose geographical locations, whether it is a country, state, town or zip code. Additionally, you can choose a radius around the selected area of up to 50 miles

  • Age

This option provides an age minimum or maximum. This is an important step if you are marketing products such as alcohol, as your ads will be rejected if you do not include a 21+ age minimum

  • Gender

This option offers the selection of male or female users

Step 2: Choose Interests/Categories

After selecting the above general characteristics of your audience, you will be able to delve deeper into where their interests lie.

  • Interests let you select your audience based on what they are interested in. Interests are generated from items such as terms people use in their timelines or profile attributes like activities, education or pages that they have liked
  • Categories are organized topics provided by Facebook. They let you target your audience more broadly by selecting people who include information about a Facebook category in their timelines

Step 3: Choose Your Connections

The connections section of a Standard Audience allows you to target users in one of three ways:

  • Target users who are connected to your Facebook page
  • Target users who are not already connected to your Facebook page
  • Target users whose friends are connected to your Facebook page

Method 2: Advanced

Step 1: Choose Your Select Audience

Similar to ‘Targeting Groups,’ you can choose ‘Custom Audiences’ for Advanced Audiences. Creating and saving these profiles in your ad account will allow you to reuse the targeting set for future ads. ‘Custom Audiences’ differ from ‘Targeting Groups’ in that these users are pulled from outside archived data such as an email list, Facebook UIDs, Phone Numbers or Mobile Advertiser IDs. This type of audience is likely already a part of your clientele that you now want to engage with socially.

Step 2: Choose Their Interests

  • Gender

This option offers the selection of male or female users

  • Relationship

This option allows you to choose the relationship status of your audience

  • Languages

This option allows you to choose a language users select as their native language

  • Education

This option allows you to choose the education level of your audience such as college graduate, in college, in high school etc. Only one education level can be chosen per ad

  • Workplaces

This option allows you to choose a company, organization or workplace that has a Facebook listing

All targeting options for both Standard and Advanced Audiences give you the ability to preference the general audience or the entire group if you desire. However, choosing specific audience characteristics can assist you in guaranteeing your ads are seen by your exact audience of interest.

Additions & Feedback

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