Product Review: Social Talk by Syncapse

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SocialTalk from Syncapse

What is it: An enterprise level social media management tool that includes reporting around your social media efforts.

What Sites Does It Manage: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Movable Type (YouTube shortly)

What I Like About the Product: The real selling point of this product is the workflow it creates within an organization. For example let’s say that you need to have managerial or legal approval for every piece of content you generate. (Think highly regulated industries.) After the post is crafted it can be submitted for approval, after the posts gets approved it can then be submitted for publishing, throughout the entire process there is commenting and communication about the post.

In the past working with different industries such as wine and spirits, this would have been a lifesaver instead of 100 e-mails to a legal department.

Additionally you can categorize your posts into different campaigns which I think helps with the management and reporting angle to this product. Especially with companies that have multiple products or locations.

From an agency standpoint you can brand the tool around your agency or around the client’s company. (This feature is included at no additional cost.) Also they include a branded URL shortener that you can use in your content.

What I Don’t Like About the Product: The biggest issue I have with the product  (and really this isn’t about the product as much as it is about the industry) is that so many enterprise companies don’t use the two blogging (WordPress and Movable Type) tools that are included in the product. (Even more so when they have communities built in.) Currently I am doing an evaluation of four specific tech companies for a client project and out of the 90 blogs that these companies have (employee and company branded) only a handful run on either platform.

(Don’t get me wrong I LOVE WordPress beyond belief and wish more of these companies were using it.)

This is the problem with a lot of enterprise software, which isn’t the fault of Syncapse. A lot of the white label community software doesn’t play nice with tools that make lives easier for people in the social media world. (Yet another selling point for WordPress.)