Quality Score Best Practices – Landing Page Optimization

@Tim | Conversion Optimization, Search

For a vast majority of PPC marketers, Quality Score is typically overlooked as a vital piece to improving overall Adwords campaign performance. While there are several factors that affect Quality Scores (click through rate, Adcopy, destination url, campaign hierarchy etc.), we will focus on landing page optimization for this post, as it is usually the #1 overlooked factor to improving Quality Scores.

As PPC has matured and marketers have become more sophisticated, landing page optimization techniques have also improved. I’m sure most of our readers have done some basic a/b testing of landing pages for their online marketing efforts, but tweaking those landing pages for Quality Score requires a few additional steps. I view Landing Page Optimization for Quality Score improvement as a marriage between SEO and PPC. In the simplest form, Google is simply using their organic search algorithms as a quality check for Ad relevancy.

Landing Page Optimization – Quality Score Check List

1. Title tag relevancy – look to the top performing keywords in the Adgroup

2. Description tag relevancy – this doesn’t carry much/if any weight but could be useful for social sharing and/or CTR if the landing page is indexed organically

3. H tags relevancy – try to include at least one top keyword(s) in the H1

4. Img tag relevancy

5. Content optimization – try to keep keyword density to 5-10% using a mix of the top performing keywords in the Adgroup

6. Link logo to home page – make sure the main logo is “clickable”

7. Any additional links send to most relevant page using hypertext…ie specific product/service page etc.

8. Destination URL slug – use the top performing keyword(s) in the slug where possible

Give these steps a try and let us know what you think.