SEMPO Boston – Evolution of Search

@Sabrina | Search

SEMPO Boston’s “Evolution of Search” event this week had us geared up and ready to question how search has changed, and where it will lead us marketers in the future.

Adria Kyne, Director of User Experience and Search Marketing at Valassis Communications, explored with our panel of search engine marketing experts the growing value of social media and link building, as well as the powerful impact mobile has started to play on influential targeting approaches. Discussions led to how relationship building and trust played a vital role within external social media effects, and how the rise in location based drivers for recent app development trends has set online marketers on a new path. Brian Whalley, SEO & Web-Site Manager at Hubspot,  noted how 8% of all searches are conducted via mobile devices, and reasoned  the related activities anticipated by app developers. As this statistic is prone to change within the coming months, Matthew S. Diehl (Senior SEO Strategist, Charles River Interactive) finds it crucial to observe the behavioral changes amongst users. The increasing use of smartphones with this in mind leads to greater emphasis on discovering associated user needs.

But the true question came down to visibility, and the top 3 things our panel considered essential for current marketers.

So What Should Online Marketers Do For Visibility?

1. Include Social Media Sharing Buttons …. It’s all about link building!

2. Use Everything Related to Search that’s at your disposal

  • Twitter, Blogs, Business Cards, etc….Make them all count!
  • Take charge of advantageous tools, such as (collection of schemas to markup pages)

3. Don’t be afraid of feedback – Online Marketers always need to be two steps ahead, and ready to catch their users.

As Sherwood Stranieri founder of Skypromote quite frankly puts it: it is a  ‘labor intensive approach,’ and we agree.