SEO For WordPress Step Three: Create Your Strategy

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Now that you have set your goals and have done your research it is time to begin to map out your complete strategy.

First take your spreadsheet with all of your URLS and create columns for the following information:

Title- This is the title of the post/page. With the plugins we will be using in the next step it is not what people see on the page as the page/post title but what the search engine sees. You want this to be succinct and have the major keywords you are targeting in the title.

For example the top purple text is the title. This needs to be limited to 65 Characters. Any more and search engines cut it off.

Current URL- Just copy and paste the current URL of the page in here. This is more for reference purposes.

New URL- This is important because you may have to make some major changes to your site specifically if you are using the default WordPress URLS that do not include the titles of your posts. If the URL of your posts are or something like that then you need to create new URLs using the page/post titles or something that includes some of the keywords you are targeting.

Page Description- The description is the text in black in the example above. This is where you would put the description of the post. It should include keywords you want to target and a BREIF summation of the post/page. This is limited to 160 Characters.

Keywords- This is really only relevant for smaller search engines and Yahoo. You would want to type in the keywords here that apply to the post. If you have a liberal tagging policy then copy and paste this information from the keywords into the tag section as well in WordPress.

Then create another spreadsheet entitled blog suggestions and go through the list of keywords and phrases that your competitors rank for. Cut and paste topics or slugs that you think would make a good blog.

Now you have two things. One is the complete SEO overhaul information for your site the other is a roadmap of additional terms you can rank for by creating new content.

Up Next: Implementation of Strategy