SEO For WordPress Step Two: Do Your Research

@Kevin | Search

Now that you have determined your goals for your SEO overhaul it is time to do a little research before you develop your strategy. First do a little research on yourself.

1) Run your site through website grader. While I agree with most SEO industry people that website grader is a very general tool and dangerous in that it could lead to false complacency it is still good enough to paint you a general picture of your site.  There will be items in the report that are easily fixable for you.

2) See what keywords you are presently ranking for. SEMRush is a great tool that will show you what keywords you currently are in the top twenty for in Google and what pages are ranking.

3) Break down your site page by page. Create a spreadsheet with every page of your site. This will be used a little more in the next step.

Now rinse and repeat the first two steps above for your competition. Put them all into one spreadsheet and now you have a few things:

1) Competitive intelligence. You see where you stand against competitors and what they are doing better than you as well as what you are doing better than them.

2) New keyword choices. There maybe keywords in there that you weren’t considering at all, now you know what other people are using and searching for.

3) An editorial schedule. You may find that there are a lot of phrases in this report that might make for good blog posts with those phrases included in the title. Once you overhaul your SEO it would be a good idea to work some of these into your blogging schedule. You may be able to rank for these terms quickly if you use the right strategy.

Tomorrow: Creating a strategy