Mobile Red Sea

@Tim | Development

The Connected vs. the Disconnected… We just switched phone carriers from T-Mobile (using G1 Android) to Sprint (using Palm Pre).  We were pretty pumped to see the attractive packages Sprint is offering  these days, and although I know their service can be spotty vs some of the other carriers, the price is right for the trade off.  For $99/ month, I have unlimited everything and bought my Palm Pre for $79 at Best Buy.

Why am I talking about our phone bill?!?!

The obviously affordable mobile plan + smartphone made me think about the possibility that 2010 may just be the year when the wireless customer profile dramatically shifts to opposite directions.  We see the real possibility for two major customer profiles in the mobile world a.) the Smartphone customer b.) the pay- as-you-go customer. With unlimited data plans starting at $69 with Sprint, and Blackberries selling for $1, why would anyone stick with the a flip phone and traditional voice plan? If you can’t afford the $69+ a month (or you just enjoy living in the stone age), the only other logical choice is to pay-as-you-go with growing carriers such as, Virgin Mobile.

With Smartphone penetration in the US hovering around 20%, no brainer data plans combined with giveaway device pricing will add fuel the fire for explosive Smartphone growth over the next 12-18 months.   What does this mean for your organization?  The world is mobile, therefore every aspect of your outbound and inbound marketing should be optimized for mobile consumption.

Things to think about for 2010:

Does your corporate website have a mobile optimized version?

Does your blog redirect to a mobile version?

Do you have a short code as a touch point?

Are your Adwords ads showing up on mobile search queries?

Can location awareness, voice recognition, image recognition, camera functionality or compass direction better connect you to your customers?

Is your CRM easily consumable through a Smartphone?