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Becoming a social business drives bottom line business value and helps organizations gain competitive advantages in today’s socially empowered marketplace. Marketers that don’t leverage Twitter to track the evolution of this emerging discipline are at risk for falling behind and failing in their efforts to transform. Twitter can be a huge resource day-to-day to source best practices as they emerge.

The only way to stay on top is to follow the right people in the industry and leverage all that Twitter can offer. Here are the top Twitter accounts that every enterprise marketer should follow. And remember, when tweeting, use either the #socbiz and/or #socialbiz hashtags to join the conversation.

Jeremiah Owyang

As an industry analyst at the Altimeter Group,  Jeremiah’s views on social business are ‘textbook’ and he’s really been out on the forefront of defining the business practice. His tweets provide marketers with the latest frameworks, market drivers, links to actual brand case studies and the richest collection of industry research.

Brian Vellmure ‏

Brian is a syndicated blogger, speaker and management consultant on the topic of social business and also contributes to Social Enterprise Today, Customer Think, Cloudbase3, CRM Outsiders, Destination CRM to note and more. Brian has been on the forefront of emerging social disciplines for brands to increase profitability.

Michael Brito ‏

Brian’s blog is dedicated to social business for brands (and everything in between) relating to integrated marketing and customer engagement. Check out a recent post on social business’ impact on brand strategy and the related Slideshare deck which outlines the required framework, business processes and technology.

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff ‏

As UCLA Director and Professor of the Social Enterprise, Dr. Petouhoff is defining the method of measuring the value of social media using her “SMART” methodology (S=Specific, M=Measurable, A=Actionable, R=Realistic, and T=Timed). She is a rare breed with an academic and business acumen.

Jon Ferrara

No one is more passionate and a true visionary about the disciplines of CRM/Social Selling/Social Business than Jon. As a dedicated, social entrepreneur at heart and the founder of Nimble, a Social CRM product that can manage your contacts, keep you organized, and enable you to leverage the power of the internet all in one place, Jon manages to catch everything that is published on the internet about social business.

Guy Alvarez ‏

Social business strategist, Guy Alvarez, works with the most forward-thinking global brands to transform into global businesses. Guy just recently blogged about the need for C-Suite vision and leadership to not only back social media but make the commitment for the long term with the fundamental understanding that this is a transformative time to rally around the brand.

Pam Moore ‏

Pam Moore is a prolific social media speaker, consultant, trainer & coach, has been published in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., and Social Media Today, and was just named one of Forbes’ The Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers. A self-proclaimed ‘social media nut’, she is evangelizing on behalf of brands to take the first step toward becoming socially empowered.

Rachel Happe

Founder of the Community Round Table, and our local favorite, Rachel has worked tirelessly to create a hub of essential research, best practices, news, events and more around the social enterprise. She is one of the most active on Twitter posting links to the latest and greatest – dabbled with her critical perspective.

Koka Sexton ‏

You can probably credit Koka for developing some of the core concepts of social selling since his days at InsideView, one of the pioneering products in social CRM. Now he’s joined forces with LinkedIn to put even more energy behind it and is quickly developing the essential tools and best practices around social selling. In addition to following him on Twitter, check out his LinkedIn group, Social Selling University, for more engagement around the topic.

Craig Rosenberg

Craig is undoubtedly the best example of practicing what you preach. He blogs 5X a week, and collaborates with some of the best minds in the industry to help small and enterprise businesses alike create a profitable sales model around social. Track him in his Linkedin Group (Friends of the Funnel), on his blog and on Twitter for the best of the best tips, advice and insight into what’s working.

Dion Hinchcliffe

Dion, Executive Vice President at Dachis Group, is considered the godfather of social media strategy with his extensive research and published works (see: Social Business by Design). He  speaks around the globe on social business topics including strategy, business transformation, and enterprise architecture and is an industry commentator for ZDNet and InformationWeek and he consistently tweets about his perspectives on the emerging discipline.

Esteban Kolsky

Esteban, one of the industry’s most prolific Social CRM analysts and experts, positions social business as a ‘snap’ to adopt because he breaks it down to five levels of transformation. Easier said than done, Esteban is one to listen to because he can leverage his customer knowledge having been integral in the evolution of CRM technology.

Olivier Blanchard

As Olivier Blanchard wrote the book on Social Media ROI (well, one of the them anyway) and what differentiates him from the pack is his understanding that without a strong brand, there is no ROI in social. The brand has to drive social business and unite all business functions so that the brand experience is singular and consistent.

Marcia Conner

Marcia is the most published with three books on leveraging social media to create a culture of learning to her credit including The New Social Learning, Creating a Learning Culture, and Learn More Now uniting people, and data, technology to drive brand profitability.

David F. Carr

David Carr, Editor of Information Week’s ‘The BrainYard’ Community‘, he covers online education and the technological transformation under way in universities and school systems.

Chelsi Nakano

Chelsi is a writer for CMSWire and a customer experience and social business ‘fangirl’ – she’s a total joy to follow on topics relating to Web Engagement, Enterprise 2.0, Enterprise Collaboration, and CXM. You can also check her out at her own blog, Conspire which is much more lighthearted and fun.

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