Social Media Boot Camp New Hampshire

@Kevin | Social

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting at Social Media Boot Xamp New Hampshire. I did back to back presentations that were centered around companies just beginning to wrap their heads around social media. Both of these presentations are more of a 101 level. Just wanted to give you a heads up before you wade into them. (Also I have to admit the slides are a tad boring, the content is good the PowerPoint… not so much.)

The first presentation covered how to approach communities on the web for your company to participate in. I talked about listening, targeting, and engaging with existing communities and how to approach creating your own.

My second presentation was about tying what they learned that day together and how to leverage social media within your current marketing environment.

Love the content of the presentations but I realized yesterday that I need to step up my game with the PowerPoint presentations. Personally I would be much happier being dropped into a room with a white board than using presentation software. Learned a little bit of a lesson yesterday that I need to include more screenshots when talking about tools.