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Measuring the contribution social has on your marketing programs – in creating awareness, demand and engagement around your brand, is the holy grail of marketing measurement. But figuring out what to measure is hard…and it begs the question what sort of results am I expecting? And, ultimately what KPIs should I be going after?

Fortunately, Simply Measured, a social media analytics and reporting tool, measures, analyzes and reports on social data across various social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn Vine and Instagram using pre-configured reporting templates. Marketing teams use Simply Measured to develop comprehensive insights using automatic reports supplied with raw data straight from their respective social channels.

Moreover, it allows all social data to be located within one central location for convenient access. Social data gathered from social accounts can be analyzed and shared online, reviewed within Excel, and published straight to PowerPoint.

The intuitive nature of Simply Measured’s setup, allows for reporting of social accounts to be only a few clicks away.

Key Benefits

  • Generate relevant reports tied to social media accounts to gain deeper knowledge into gathered social data, such as reach, impressions, engagement, total followers/likes, etc.
  • Identify top level KPIs with accessibility to ready to use charts and/or raw data
  • Understand performance of brand related items/campaigns/events (what worked and what didn’t)
  • Identify factors that drive social media success for brand presence across all relevant accounts (type of posts, time of day, target audience, etc.)

‘New Horizons’ of Usage

  • Upon listening and monitoring, use the new insights and apply to upcoming social calendars and engagement campaigns
  • Compare performance reports across different regions and identified social channels
  • Benchmark against competitors

Social Media Reports Types

Facebook Page & Post Insights Reports

  • Explore the details of Facebook Page performance at the page and post level.
  • Highlight KPIs (engagement – likes, shares, comments, clicks, reach, impressions, level of new fans, engaged users) given brand/users posts and user mentions.
  • Understand post and % of audience engaging over time
  • Breakdown reach and impressions by organic and paid initiatives
  • Recognize influence and growth of interactions by type – likes, comments, shares, clicks
  • Analyze types of clicks – photo, video, links
  • Optimize for top performing days and time of day
  • Simplify demographic information for closer target audience insights

Twitter Account Report

  • Understand how accounts perform given published content and interaction with followers
  • Highlight KPIs (engagement, reach, impressions, clicks, new followers) from brand posts and user mentions
  • Apply engagement breakdown by replies, retweets, favorites and mentions
  • Analyze sentiment of mentions and replies to brand tweets
  • Review mentions and brand tweets by day and time
  • Become knowledgeable about brand tweet performance by type and by content
  • Recognize top engaged and followed users
  • Evaluate tweet distribution by geography and media type

YouTube Channel Report

  • Understand how channels perform relative to the uploaded video content
  • Highlight KPIs (engagement, uploads, subscribers, lifetime views, comments, thumbs up/down)
  • Measure engagement and subscribers over time
  • Recognize top rated videos and distribution of views
  • Review comments and videos published by day and time

Instagram Account Report

  • Understand Instagram activity relative to photos and videos published within the app, and shared externally
  • Highlight KPIs (engagement – likes, comments, tweets, Facebook likes/comments/shares, change in followers)
  • Analyze engagement over time and identify engagement as a % of followers
  • Become knowledgeable about engagement outside of Instagram – growth within Facebook and Twitter
  • Review comments and posts by day and time
  • Identify key drivers – top photo/video filters by engagement

Google+ Brand Page Report

  • Understand Google+ Brand Page activity given published content
  • Highlight KPIs (engagement – +1s on posts, comments reshares, circled totals – ‘have you in circles’, ‘newly added to circles’)
  • Measure page activity and engagement over time
  • Analyze circled followers over time
  • Review post type averages – photo, video, article, and/or general posts, and top posts by commenters

Depending on your requirements, include additional reports from Simply Measured covering share of voice, traffic analyses, customer service, Klout, blog performance and web analytics … to name a few. Ultimately defined strategies and social media marketing goals will help guide your approach and how to effectively utilize what’s accessible with Simple Measured.

Additions & Feedback

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