Social Search in Real-Time

@Tim | Search, Social

Social media continues to evolve at a frantic pace.  The picture is becoming a little clearer on how Twitter plans to monetize their service, evidenced by Bing and Google striking search deals. It makes perfect sense Google and Bing will eventually become the main ways to search twitter. This could just be the tip of the iceberg though, if Twitter really has a sophisticated business model just beginning to unfold.

As mobile continues to gain steam, it will only intensify real-time local search offering the consumer a way to stay connected with everything going on around them.  From the consumers’ perspective, Google is already offering a new feature ‘Social Search’ serving up results based on a users’ specific contact list.  This directly ties back into real-time local search, as users will be able to add their name, and then list out the various social networks they are apart of by simply turning this feature on within their Google profile.  Once updated, Google will work its magic serving up results based on your friend’s interests directly in the search results.  This is going to provide a powerful new medium to find everything from where to travel, what to buy, and where to eat.  If businesses are smart, they will continue to integrate social networking into their marketing portfolio as we continue to move towards an even more social web.