Social TV: Boxee Box Review

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For those unaware, Boxee is a way to enjoy online content from the comfort of your couch, by streaming it through your TV. In our estimation, the Boxee official announcement at CES may be a game changer. With the advent of the Boxee Box by D-Link, your favorite TV shows and movies from the internet are now brought to your TV, without a PC. The Boxee Box saves you the hassle of surfing the web on your TV and allows you to use your remote control to access the digital entertainment of your choice (new remote is double sided, brilliant). One of the best features of the Boxee Box (and one that could make it viral) is its ease of use and quick TV connectivity, not mention its under $200 price tag and ability to support 1080p HD. The Boxee Box will bring all your favorite services across the web to life live on your TV – Pandora, TED, Facebook, Twitter, NetFLix, Hulu etc, along with the Boxee app platform for additional apps, plugins, and games.

There is no doubt Boxee has some serious competition from other “Internet Ready” peripherals such as the XBox, Blueray Players, and your HDTV. Even our office’s LG Plasma came “Internet Ready” with Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Weather, and Sports apps. So why all the hype around Boxee? We think Boxee’s real advantage is to be the central hub for Social TV connectivity. If they continue down the open platform path, soon enough developers from around the globe will take full advantage of the Social TV App opportunity in 2010/2011 making Boxee the default Social TV App store.

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