The Rise of Social TV for Mobile

@Tim | Social

As Social Media continues to influence how we absorb information, most flat surfaces will turn into displays and become repurposed with some type of social depiction. This type of continuous interaction will begin to shape Social TV, while tremendously expanding the reach for online media aggregators, global brands and politicians. Pretty soon, anyone with a video camera and a mobile phone will be able to stream live broadcasting.

Social TV will combine the ease and visual effects of television, with the power and convenience of the interactive social web. As some folks are aware this type of content is already fast taking shape on UStream channels, in the form of lifcasting and live streaming events. Some of today’s most prominent public figures, ranging from President Obama to 50 Cent, have used this innovative new network of diverse channels to reach a growing audience in real-time from anywhere in the world.


At this point, the main limitation has been viewing this content on a handset, however, this week LiveStream announced its Procaster beta application at NewTeeVee Live, enabling near instant broadcasting to iPhones.

This is a fascinating advancement on several levels:
– Easy to use interface
– Mobility
– Utilizes native iPhone functionality

There is little doubt live streaming mobile content will open up a massive new interactive marketing channel for everyone, however, the true potential of Social TV will only be seen if the producers can provide engaging, viral content for today’s advanced interactive audience. You can expect a lot more to come in the weeks and months ahead, as social media extensions continue to overhaul TV as we know it today.