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Our Approach

Purpose-built performance measurement.

Convertiv’s relentless focus on optimization of every user touchpoint drives an insatiable appetite for business intelligence — offering clarity, insight and unmatched performance.

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Analytics Dashboards Developed

“Beyond my internal crew, Convertiv is my second marketing team. They have modern ideas in an industry that’s changing by the day. But their secret weapon is that they let the data do the talking. You know what’s working and what’s not. You can’t fake data.”


Our Strategy

Measurement & Analytics Research

Convertiv’s work begins with an immediate analysis of our clients’s data reporting capability and integrity. Ensuring accuracy of data sources is vital and often reveals previously misleading or conflicting information. We collaborate with our clients to define Key Performance Indicators, optimize data tracking and enhance reporting capabilities to deliver digestible, actionable reports — in real time.

Media Mix Modeling

Convertiv’s expertise extends beyond digital. We apply the same analytics-driven approach multi-channel marketing efforts including TV, radio, and print advertising, call center activity, offering our clients comprehensive, tangible insights across their business.

Business Intelligence

Convertiv’s team of experts allows clients to supercharge their marketing effort by uncovering powerful data and distilling it into highly visual and easily digested information, in turn forming actionable strategies.

Multivariate Testing

Convertiv’s core strength lies in our ability to optimize the digital experience around human insights in service of our clients’ business goals. We produce optimal results by imagining infinite possibility, measuring every outcome, and continually refining the end users’ experience.

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