The Obligatory Pardon This Mess Post


So if you haven’t noticed I did a little facelift to the ol’ website. (And judging by the traffic numbers you haven’t… oh wait that was because I forgot to move over the analytics code.)

As my consulting has grown (I’ve actually hired people!) I needed to have a site that reflected my evolution as opposed to just a blog. I hope and think that this does that. I really want to thank Lisa Sabin-Wilson for leading the way on this and doing just a phenomenal job with the design. She is super talented and I am pleased to have partnered with her on numerous projects. She is a true WordPress master.

Okay with all the thanks and back slapping out of the way I wanted to share what you get out of this….

1) Facebook friend connect and a Twitter field in the comments- Not only can you self promote your blog but you now can self promote your Twitter! (I kid.) Seriously I write about social media, do social media strategy, and my own site is horribly unsocial. I am working on remedying it one step at a time.

2) My photo on my bio page- The value that this adds to the site isn’t able to be calculated by any existing tools we have today.

3) Case Studies- Right now I have about 7-10 case studies written up and pending client approval. Unfortunately some of the best work that I have done has been in conjunction with various marketing agencies and per my agreement with them I can’t talk about what was done for clients. However I feel that I have enough of a client base to really share some great case studies.

So many people talk about social media and give the same tired case studies over and over. (95% of the time they don’t even share things they have actually done.) This is something I don’t want to fall in the trap of. Beyond “showing of what I know” I think that these case studies can also show you how social media ties into other functions of a website. Additionally I think it is important to highlight that social media isn’t a magic bullet. The first case study that I have up is for Great Dog Rescue New England. Their issues and what they needed centered more around functionality and using some basic social tools to power their website and improve upon what they already had. As an overall use of social media integration the project would be considered a failure because they just don’t have the consistency or manpower to maintain a campaign. (And really that wasn’t the goal of the project. There is so much potential for them though, I feel like it is a missed opportunity.) But as a “we have specifics problems and want them solved” I think this is a good example of how we achieved it. Over the next few months I hope to post a lot of these showing off how social media worked in different industries.