The Pure Awesomeness of Terametric

@Kevin | Strategy

At the end of the summer I wrote a post saying that one of my goals before the end of the year was to finish up some outstanding projects and really start next year off focusing my efforts in a couple of areas. One of the projects that I have been working on for the last eight months, and am excited to be focusing on next year and beyond, is Terametric.

Earlier this year I was introduced to Wendy Troupe, the Founder of Terametric, and was told about what they were working on. Their product was something that floored me: a single tool to rate your marketing efforts and that of your competition across multiple marketing channels. The product examined social media, search engine optimization, media creation, traditional marketing, CRM, and other areas in order to give an enterprise level CMO the most advanced data set possible. Not only did you obtain an amazing amount of data through their tool, but you could map out how to improve your marketing strategy from the insights provided by the product. For everyone having a hard time understanding their marketing ROI this served it to you on a silver platter.

I signed on helping give feedback on the product and offering insight on some of the client projects they were working on. Seeing under the hood of their products and system was nothing short of amazing. There were thousands of data points feeding into what they were doing. The product was offering a level of analysis I wasn’t seeing in any other tool.

Over the next few weeks, Terametric is beginning to roll out their products to the public and the first is based around Twitter and understanding your Twitter ROI. I’ve been part of the development process and I can confidently say that this product is nothing short of impressive.

Tomorrow, Terametric is having a free webinar on how to measure and improve your Twitter Marketing ROI. Kyle Lacy, the author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies: Jim Sterne, the Chairman of the Web Analytics Association:and Terametric CEO Wendy Troupe are speaking. This is something I highly recommend you register for: I don’t plug a lot of webinars or really anything here, but this is getting my seal of approval.

This is a company you need to start to paying attention to, not because I am working with them, but because they are truly doing something revolutionary in this space.