The Value Of SEO And Your Blog

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Last week I read a post on where Darren had a conversation with someone who was telling him that SEO on a blog is overrated:

Earlier today I had a debate via instant messaging with another blogger who told me that Search Engine Optimization doesn’t make any difference any more. They argued that you just need to provide good content and search engine rankings look after themselves.

Darren clearly laid out how SEO improvements to his forum had an impact on traffic. Personally I have had some pretty good results by developing a basic SEO strategy and can attest to the value of paying some attention to your blogs SEO. While content is king, strategy and process is queen.

I wanted to expand on this thought and talk about a project I just recently completed for a client that has a WordPress site. When I started working for this client they had a website with a blog that received 404 visits from search engines the month prior I started working with them.

Over a  three month period I worked with the client to help them overhaul their site SEO, establish a basic strategy SEO/Social Media strategy, and installed plugins to their WordPress installation. Each month they saw a steady increase in traffic and in the final month they ended up with over 4000 visits via search engines for an 896% increase since I started working with them.

So how did I do it? (I’m going to break these down in their own posts.)

1) Determined the client’s goals.

2) Researched what they had been doing, what their competitors are doing, and what they should be doing.

3) Crafted a strategy for the client.

4) Executed the strategy using the available tools for WordPress.