Thought leadership is vital for every company

@Chris | Strategy

Whew… been a little while since we ate our own dog food on our blog – some could blame that on Twitter, we do love micro-blogging.  Our ah-ha moment, and inspirational for this post came from this spot-on piece by Matt Harris “Why I Blog”. To think we help clients all week with integrating their content into the marketplace and we have not posted a blog in five months…funny how stuff like that happens.  Anyway, the good news is…we are back and have all types of great stories from the time we’ve been gone.  Since our last post, we’ve had our head’s down creating our company identity and of course over-delivering on client expectations.   But, we one things for sure, things are always changing, moving, evolving and sometimes exploding in our industry and sometime you just have to learn on the fly.  The main driver of innovation for us was the maturation of online media, along with the convergence of mobile, social and search.  Everyday, we see smart brands are beginning to realize that this is similar to the Wild West and you need to stake your ground.

You might ask how to do you “learn on the fly?”  The way you learn here in Boston is you immerse yourself in the vibrant tech scene and collaborate with smart people like @cheryllmorris @joselinmane @schneidermike @djenkins44.  See the crazy thing is, we’re watching history right now….and Boston is deeply woven into the fabic of this evolution.  There is no need to look further than last weeks FutureM Conference.  The week long extravaganza brought digital and interactive marketing gurus from around the world to talk and educate our very community.  The ring leaders @MITX as always were gracious hosts and truly know how inspire people at these sessions.

Back to us for a second; so where does this mean we go from here?  Ideally we would love to hear from you, but we’ve got some interesting ideas kicking around.  Also, we thought it would be logical to build on some of the previous posts we discussed.  The interesting thing about our hiatus is, just like our company, it gave our ideas some time to evolve.  Some of the areas we want to continue evolving are.

We’re amazed at the staggering growth these topics have experienced and believe this truly highlights the break-neck pace this industry is evolving at every single day. Some of the new topics we want to highlight are:

  • Building a vibrant community with thought leadership vs marketing
  • iPad integration into your business and building apps for consumers
  • Integrated search across platforms and services
Again, we welcome your ideas.  We’re always talking with various entrepreneurs, industry visionaries and end users  and it’s our goal to make sure we highlight reusable information and best practices.  The next step for us is to package our own best practices a little better in the form of educational case studies, so people can leverage our knowledge into expanding their online marketing strategies.