Tools: TubeMogul

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When I returned from Blog World Expo one of the things I wanted to focus on, particularly with my personal blog, was video. So far I have created less than a handful of video blogs, I have been writing scripts and brainstorming ideas to do over my week of vacation so I can build up a catalog for the new year.

I realize that video can be a powerful tool on the social web, it can be your main content you produce or it can be a great supplement to what you are already doing. Not only can it help your site or blog out with additional content, but it can become a traffic source to your site bringing in a new and different audience to your work or company. When I sat down to start figuring out how to use video on my blog my problems weren’t on the production end of things but on the distribution end. With so many video sites out there which one was the right one for me? Additionally what sites were right for the company that I worked for and their video content?

Originally I thought that I had to upload each video on their own, which would limit me realistically to a handful of sites because I didn’t have the patience to sit there for ten minutes and upload the videos over and over and over. My friend Todd Earwood, whose specializes in developing video content for the web, turned me onto a website that would help negate this burden,

Tubemogul allows you to upload your video to their site then have it distributed over multiple video networks including: yahoo, myspace, youtube, revver, and numerous others. From one central place you can write up the description, apply the tags, and title your video. This is a godsend for anyone that is looking to manage their video from a single multiple point.

Another great feature of tubemogul is the ability to track your stats and views  on the site using their various reporting options.

Personally what I find great about this is that I can create a ton of content and upload it all to TubeMogul and then decide when to deploy it to the various networks, now it isn’t about finding time to post a video. Instead it is about completing it, uploading it to TubeMogul and sitting on it until I am ready to use it.  My personal video blogging career and my use of video on the web at work just got a lot easier with this website.