Top 10 Terms Every Search Marketer Should Know

@Tim | Search

1.) Impressions:  An impression is defined as the total number of views or ad views.  Depending on the keyword you’re bidding on, a term may have hundreds of thousands impressions in a day, or none at all.

2.) Clicks:  A click is when a user searches a keyword you’re bidding on, engages in the ad and clicks through to your landing page.

3.) Click-Through-Rate (“CTR”):  Click-Through-Rate is the percentage of users searching your keywords and clicking through to your landing page.  In my experience, a solid CTR average is between 1.5% – 2.0%.  In a further section, ways of improving your CTR will be discussed.

CTR = Clicks/Impressions

4.) Cost-Per Click (“CPC”):  Cost-Per-Click is defined simply as it sounds.  It’s taking the total spend on a given keyword and dividing by the number of clicks that term received.

CPC = Cost/Clicks

5.) Action/Conversion:  An action or conversion is when a user completes a form or a purchase to receive your product or service.

6.) Conversion Rate (“CVR”):  A Conversion Rate is defined as the percentage of clicks (visitors) that actually convert into an action.

CVR = Action/Clicks

7.) Cost-Per-Action (“CPA”):  Cost-Per-Action is easily defined as CPA = Cost/Actions.  This explains how much you’re paying for a user to convert.

8.) Landing Page: A Landing Page is the webpage the user is sent to after clicking an ad 

9.) Web Analytics: Web Analytics is a software program which tracks usage data from a website such as, actions, visitor metrics, heat mapping ect.

10.) Ad Copy: Ad Copy is the persuasive language chosen to display on an Pay Per Click Ad.